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Do you donate flowers?Updated 2 years ago

Yes! Studies have proven the health benefits that flowers can bring, so we’ve taken a fresh approach to paying it forward. We spread joy each month through flower donations. Our non-profit partners include facilities such as nursing homes, women’s shelters, cancer support groups, and hospitals. 

In addition to donating flowers that we source from farms, we are now helping to upcycle flowers from events again! The ReVased Non-Profit Floral Donation Directory (the "RNPFDD" - a catchy acronym!) includes over 100 non-profits in 44 states that can accept floral donations directly from event hosts - which will help us connect more event hosts to more non-profits to reduce more floral waste, especially in locales where we do not have team members!
You can read more about our non-profit program 
here. We are always looking to develop new charitable partners - if you have suggestions, please email us at [email protected].

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