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From where do you source your flowers?Updated 19 days ago

Did you know that 80% of cut flowers in the United States are imported from other countries, mostly in Latin America? The rapid growth of the floriculture industry to meet U.S. demand has often harmed the well-being of farm workers and the environment.
We are proud to source our flowers from high-quality, sustainable-minded farms in both the U.S. and South America.
The flower farms we work with have achieved Rainforest Alliance Certification, Fairtrade Certification, or take other steps for environmental, economic, and social sustainability. This includes protecting forests and natural wildlife habitats; promoting farmers’ human rights and safe, decent working conditions; conserving water and soil; and helping to lessen the burden of the climate crisis. We are lucky to work with amazing farm partners who meet these rigorous standards of excellence!
We also ship “farm-direct.” This eco-friendly shipping method reduces carbon emissions by bypassing many stops in the traditional floral supply chain and reducing the total number of stems being cut, as every cut stem is meant for a customer! Additionally, we
 offset emissions from our shipments to neutralize our shipping footprint and make our shipments carbon neutral.

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