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How can I care for lilies?Updated a year ago

Here are some tips on how to care for your lilies!

1) Upon arrival, trim at least 1 inch off each stem (lilies & every stem in the bouquet!), on an angle. Trimming on an angle allows for more surface area for the flowers to drink the water. 

2) Fill a clean vase ¼ full with fresh water + flower food, or a creative at home flower solution! (If you run out of flower food: adding soda, vinegar, or even aspirin to your vase can help prolong your flowers’ life!) Place stems in clean water. As leaves in the vase water can increase bacteria, remove any leaves below the water line.

3) We ship our lilies “pre-bloom,” to last longer for you! They may take up to a week to fully open. Pollen from lilies can stain surfaces and clothing. Once opened, gently cut out the "pollen sacks" in the center of each bloom, and enjoy gorgeous lilies - mess free!

4) Say cheese!  Post a pic of your bouquet on social media and tag us 
@revasedflowers for a chance to be featured!  
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