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How Can I Take Care of My Dried Flowers?Updated a year ago

We love dried flowers. C’mon, what’s not to love? They are gorgeous and super, duper long-lasting! If treated properly, your dried stems can last for months or years to come!

We currently source our dried flowers from a Rainforest Alliance Certified flower farm in Ecuador. (The Rainforest Alliance seeks to “protect ecosystems and wildlife habitats, conserve water and soil, promote decent and safe working conditions, and ensure that farms are good neighbors to rural communities and wildlands.”)

Each and every dried stem is a “real” flower, professionally dried to add that perfect “oomph” to your home or office (or home office!). While very easy to care for without doing anything at all, by taking a few simple care steps your dried bouquet will last even longer. Here are our recommendations:

💦  DO NOT WATER: This is the most important. NO WATER needed! Should I shout it louder for the people in the back? Please do not water them! Water will lead to mold and harm your dried beauties. Even just a sprinkling of water or perfume can cause damage. Simply pop them in a vase! Easy peasy. (*We sell vases that will fit your bouquet perfectly, or use one - ideally with a small diameter of no more than 2-3 inches - from your own collection!)

💐 ALREADY ARRANGED: Your dried flowers have come pre-arranged by the pros! (Feel free to re-arrange if you’d like, but there is no need!) You can either leave them tied in the rubber band or take it off, but there is no need to take the bouquet apart :) We do recommend gently "fluffing" the bouquet upon arrival.

🤏  DRIED = DELICATE: Dried flowers are very fragile and delicate, so please be gentle with them. Try to avoid moving them regularly, as too much movement or bumping into them may make parts of the flower break off. Along those lines, keep them out of reach from pets and small children. (More along those lines, they are not edible for pets or humans - please do not eat them!) 

☀️  AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT: Ah, how we love the sun (...but only with SPF 50+)! Because we can’t splash some SPF on our dried friends, if possible, we recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight. While dried flowers will naturally fade over time, direct sunlight will speed up this process. (Dried flowers… they’re just like us!)

🧹 KEEP THEM CLEAN & DRY: Moisture can lead to mold, so try to keep your dried bouquet out of humid rooms in your house (like your bathroom or laundry room). Also, regular (gentle) dusting can help ensure their beauty and brilliance for even longer. Dusting hack: blow with a hairdryer from a moderate distance away!

😀  ENJOY!: We’re kind of obsessed with dried flowers. We love their uniqueness, beautifulness, and long-lastingness (yup, it’s a word)! We hope you will too! Snap a photo of where you’ve placed your flowers and tag us @revasedflowers so we can smile, too! 

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