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How Can I Take Care of My Flowers?Updated a year ago

Your flowers were cut for you, fresh from the stem, and should have a long and lovely life! Always remember to trim, hydrate, and care for your stems! Up your vase life with these helpful tips about popular flowers we often include:

Roses: Roses have a natural security system! Not only do their thorns keep away predators, but their outer petals, or "guard petals", serve as amazing protection! Upon arrival, guard petals may appear brownish. After rehydrating, your stems for a few hours, carefully peel off the guard petals to reveal the beautiful petals underneath

Stargazer and Asiatic Lilies: We usually ship lilies "pre-bloom," and they may need up to 4-5 days to fully open. Pollen from lilies can stain surfaces and clothing. Once opened, gently cut out the "pollen sacks" in the center of each bloom, and enjoy gorgeous lilies - mess free!

Ranunculus: When your ranunculus arrives “closed,” put them in water and enjoy watching what may appear as a tiny bud transform into a large, gorgeous, and multi-layered bloom!

Gerbera Daisies: We love bright colored gerbera daisies (or "gerbs," as the cool kids are saying)! Gerbs have hollow stems, which can sometimes give them a "droopy" look. An amazing pin trick for droopy gerbs: stick a safety pin into the stem about 1 inch below the bloom. Remove the pin, trim the stems at an angle, and put the flowers in fresh water (with flower food helps). In a few hours, they should perk up! Pro tip: this can also work for tulips and roses!

Scabiosa: These super cool "pincushion flowers" are really unique in that they bloom from the outer petals inwards. Watch these flowers go from "bald" to "blooming" throughout their vase life!

Sunflowers: Nothing says sunshine on a cloudy day like sunflowers on your table! To extend the vase-life of sunflowers, try cutting the stems under water, which should limit air bubbles from getting into the stems. While you empty and refill your vase with water, keep the stems in water (in a separate vase, before you return them back to the clean vase).

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