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How Can I Take Care of My Tropical Flowers?Updated a year ago

Here are some tips on how to care for your tropical flowers!

1) Grown in hot & humid climates, tropical flowers need a LOT of water! Fill your vase 2/3 full with clean water + flower food, or a creative at home flower solution! (If you run out of flower food: adding soda, vinegar, or even aspirin to your vase can help prolong your flowers’ life!)

2) Trim your stems on an angle, to facilitate more hydration. Then place the stems in your vase of clean water. 

PRO TIP: For a longer vase life, spray your flowers with fresh water at least once a day to simulate a tropical environment!

3) Our Tropical Bouquets will arrive pre-arranged and held together with a rubber band. We recommend leaving the rubber band on to maintain the bouquets' design. If your bouquet looks a little squeezed from transportation, you can carefully "fluff" it up or arrange it with your hands!

4) Keep them warm! Unlike typical flowers which do well in cool temperatures once cut, tropical flowers like the heat! Tropicals will thrive in ~55-75 degrees F / ~12-23 degrees C.

5) Say cheese! You’re a flower designer, and the world needs to know! Post a pic of your bouquet on social media and tag us @revasedflowers for a chance to be featured!

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