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How has COVID-19 impacted ReVased?Updated a year ago

Like most businesses, COVID-19 caused us to change the ways we operate. Before the pandemic, we upcycled flowers from events, giving a “second life” to beautiful blooms for our customers and non-profits. When events were all cancelled, we started looking more into the floral supply chain. We began to understand how wasteful the traditional process can be, with as many as 50% of cut stems often discarded before they are even purchased! We have now found a new way to source eco-friendly flowers. We now work with sustainable-minded farms in both the United States and South America to source our flowers for both our customers and non-profits and ship these flowers farm-direct (see more on this below!).
Reducing waste is an important part of who we are and we’re glad that we can now reduce waste in new ways. We love that we can send you high-quality, farm-fresh, long-lasting flowers, while also reducing carbon emissions and supporting farms!
As events start up again, our small team will upcycle event flowers whenever we can and donate 100% of them to our non-profit partners! We have also created the
ReVased Non-Profit Floral Donation Directory (the "RNPFDD", a catchy acronym!), to expand our reach and connect event hosts directly with non-profits in their area who’d love to receive flower donations! If you are a non-profit that would benefit from floral donations and would like to join the RNPFDD, please email us at [email protected] for more info.

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