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What if I make a mistake on the shipping address?Updated 5 months ago

If you make a mistake to any part of the address (Shipping Name, Address, Apt/Unit/Suite Number, City, State, Zip Code) please let us know immediately. If the order has not yet been prepared by the farm for shipment, we will work with our team to update it. Once the order has been prepared by the farm, we cannot make any changes to the address.

While we will always update the address if you let us know before we have sent the order to the farm, we cannot provide refunds or resend any bouquets or plants if any part of the address was incorrect when provided to us at checkout.

Address changes unilaterally result in incomplete shipments and shipment delays - which are not ideal for fresh flowers or plants - and are very costly for our small business. Please double check the shipping address at checkout, as well as your order confirmation email, to make sure you are providing us with accurate shipping information!

Additionally, while we cannot change the shipping address once the order has been prepared by the farm, in most service areas, Fedex and UPS allow customers with the ability to pick up the flowers at a local pick-up location (either a Fedex/UPS facility, or a local store such as Walgreens). In order to see if this is an option for your package, go into the tracking and click "Manage Delivery". From there, you can choose a "Hold Location" for pick-up. Please note that the sooner you request this the better - once the flowers are out for delivery, it is too late to request this change. 

We strongly recommend double-checking your address at checkout, as well as confirming it is correct when you receive the order confirmation email, to avoid any errors. If you need to make a change, please email us ASAP at [email protected]. Thanks for your understanding!

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